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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Are you not getting over an illness as fast as you think you should?

Hey Good Morning..
First of all...I hope all my Friends and Family in Christchurch are all OK, after the 7.4 Earthquake this morning..Thinking about you all!

Now I want to tell you about the Six Stages of Geopathic Stress and the Symptoms!
1st Stage:
The first stage can manifest differently from person to person.  In some can occur within a few hours.  In others cases, manifestation can take several months to occur. People do not pay much attention to the first symptoms at this stage and do not seek medical help.  It has no unique pathology of its own, therefore people may not easily recognize it. But you could first notice a Negative feeling or Sensations.
However if people are not recovering as quickly as they should from a common illness, at the rate they think they should, then there may be a background of Geopathic Stress within the body.
For instance, people who do not get over the flu and symptoms hang around for weeks or months. This is the stage where there are no symptoms yet, but the first manifestation of neurotransmitter imbalance has already occurred...
Geopathic Stress  inhibits neurotransmitters, especially serotonin, which in this state can lead to mood dysfunction and apathy.  People do not realize that these Negative feelings are manifestations of Geopathic Stress, and if you avoid these Geopathic zones, the symptoms and feelings can be permanently eliminated.
If people continue to stay on Earth radiations, it can lead to the second stage of Geopathic Stress....
More details in the next blog..If you are having any of these feelings contact me to check out your home or workplace  or check my website (

But here are some of the First stage of Geopathic Stress symptoms..
  1. Feeling uncomfortable in your bed, favorite armchair, or workplace without any particular reason.
  2. Unpleasant sensations
  3. Mood disorders
  4. Apathy
  5. Flabbiness
  6. Worry
  7. Unreasonable sadness
Geopathic Stress ...Stage Two (the Negative emotion stage) in the next blog...

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