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Saturday, August 28, 2010

INTUITION..We all HAVE it...But do we all USE it?


INTUITION...We all HAVE it!...But do we all USE it?

You know what I am talking about...when you get that inner gut feeling not to do something, and then you find out later, that if you had done it, you could have been hurt! .. or an accident happened! And even on a positive side, when you get a feeling to ring a friend, at the same time they were thinking about you, and even ring you at the same time you are ringing them!

Well I have had many examples of this...even on a daily basis, and am now learning to trust those Instincts and Intuition!

I was recently checking an amazing Bondi Artist friend Stephan Evan's studio for Geopathic Stress, and very happily was able to tell him that where he was painting was in a 'safe' place. But the area's where I found there was Negative Energy from Geopathic Stress...He had already realized was no good, as he had that 'feeling' it just didn't feel right, and chose to move his easel. Consequently the place he now has it, is right in the middle of 2 lines, but is in a really good place... maybe that's the reason he paints so well.. :)

Another amazing friend Emily from Health Sanctuary on Bondi Road, when I checked her clinic, and found that where her desk was in her reception area was sitting on a strong negative energy 'Knot'...She also 'knew' this seat was no good. As every time she sat there, she would feel uncomfortable, she couldn't concentrate, she would get a headache...but didn't know why! But her 'Intuition' was telling her it was no good! The list goes on and on..

We need to start trusting our Intuition and 'Gut' allot more.

It has been given to us as a gift to protect us!

I will be running a course on how to be aware of these feelings and how to use them in our day to day lives later in the year, so watch out for dates!  Have an Amazing Day!

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