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Sunday, August 22, 2010

While at home in NZ

I have just got back from a week in Auckland, and had the opportunity to check out a few friends and families homes for Geopathic stress.
I checked Dad's house and he had been checking it himself, (as he has developed a keen interest in the subject) but was still having problems with a 'fuzzy head' in the morning and also was waking often for bathroom stops.  I detected a strong 'GS line' running through the wall and clipping the edge of their pillows.  We started by moving the bed a metre away from the wall, so it completely cleared the noxious energy.  The first night he still woke up several times (as he liked checking the time).  Not sure why he felt he liked to do this, maybe just to prove how many times he was waking up in the night.  Anyway, the first night he still woke up a few times but only got up to go to the toilet once.  The second night, he woke a couple of times, and didn't need to go to the toilet.  And by the third night he only woke for a brief moment, (checked the clock) and went straight back to sleep.  This is amazing as he has regularly got up to the toilet for years.  The only problem we have caused, is the movement of the bed, has put Mum slightly into a 'line',on her side of the bed, so we are working on this...will keep you informed, so watch this space.

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