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Friday, September 10, 2010

STAGE FOUR...The Digestive System Disorder

Hey everyone....This is the Stage that my Son was affected and developed CROHNS disease!
Sorry this is quite long....but Incredible IMPORTANT!

STAGE FOUR....The Digestive System Disorder..

It takes one to three years for symptoms to occur in this stage.  If Geopathic Stress is not detected, physical changes in response to these natural threats are an essential change for the body to cope with these negative effects.
The human organism tries to adapt to Geopathic Stress by producing and activating more hormones, increasing blood pressure, and increasing  blood sugar levels to sustain energy.
The result is it changes the body's energy reserves. Geopathic Stress constantly influences the human body, by gradually weakening the organism, upsetting homeostasis (an (ideal or virtual) state of equilibrium, in which all body systems are working and interacting) and internal organs, leaving humans vulnerable to diseases.
Geopathic zones have effects on all parts of the body, including the digestive system.  Diseases of the stomach and intestines are often linked to Geopathic Stress because the blood has to leave these organs and move to muscles. Prolonged Geopathic Stress can disrupt the digestive system, irritating the large intestine and causing diarrhea, constipation, cramping and bloating.
Its common to have a stomach ache.  This happens because stress hormones slow the release of stomach acid and the emptying of the stomach. The same hormones also stimulate the colon, which speeds the passage of its contents. :(
Geopathic Stress may predispose some people to ulcers or sustain existing ulcers. 
Irritable Bowel Syndrome (spastic colon) is strongly related to Geopathic Stress. This hormone can increase appetite and cause weight gain.
To reiterate, chronically elevated cortisol (I talked about this in Stage 3 and 2, check old posts) levels contribute to the accumulation of abdominal fat, and make it very difficult to counteract tension and therefore gain weight...Weight gain can occur even with a healthy diet in people exposed to Geopathic Stress.  The release of cortisol appears to promote abnormal fat, and may be a primary connection between Geopathic Stress and weight gain in such people.
In rare cases, Geopathic Stress may trigger hyperactivity of the thyroid gland.  This stimulates appetite but causes the body to burn up calories at a faster rate, therefore, people lose weight.
Cortisol and DHEA (short for dehydroepiandrosterone, is a hormone that's produced in the body and is converted into male and female hormones) work as a team to get people through prolonged Geopathic Stress's effects.
DHEA is the most abundant hormone in the bloodstream. It seems to balance the effects of cortisol by improving the body's ability to cope with Geopathic Stress.  DHEA also provides the course material for the production of many other hormones including estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone. Clinical studies suggest the DHEA can boost energy levels and reduce body fat, but when they are straining and being attacked by Geopathic Stress, it can contribute to fatigue, bone loss, loss of muscle mass,  decreased sex drive, and impaired immune function.
This can have serious effects on the human organism and can lead to many health and mental problems, including memory impairment, lack of energy, heart and vessel diseases, depression, immune system suppression, and even increased susceptibility to stroke and cancer.

But the good news is....If you move off the Geopathic Stress zones, your system can immediately start to repair, and symptoms can subside, and eventually disappear.

The next stage is STAGE 5...the Brain Damage Stage...on the next BLOG
HAVE A FABULOUS DAY....and remember...'The Secret is Clear Energy'!
Nicky x

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