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Monday, September 13, 2010

STAGE FIVE (The Brain Damage Stage)

Hey Everyone...
Now don't be freaked out at this much as I agree is sounds pretty scary (the Brain Damage Stage)...But the good news, is that...KNOWLEDGE is POWER!...
How exciting to think, that even if only for the first time in your life, after reading these blogs, you now are becoming aware of GEOPATHIC is not too late to do something positive about it....i.e. have your home and office checked for this Negative Energy....and maybe move your bed or favorite chair...
Exciting aye!

Anyway...Here goes....STAGE FIVE... The Brain Damage Stage.

In this stage, symptoms can occur within 3-5 years.  In this stage, the body has run out of its reserve of body energy and immunity.  Mental, physical and emotional resources suffer heavily.  Instead of shutting off once the crisis is over, the process continues, with the hypothalamus continuing to signal the adrenals to produce cortisol (remember I told you about this in the earlier Stages).  This increased cortisol production exhausts the stress mechanism, leading to chronic fatigue and anxiety.
Cortisol also interferes with serotonin activity, furthering the depressive effect.  Prolonged high cortisol levels lead to high blood sugar that may develop into diabetes.  Diabetes disrupts the body's mechanism for moving glucose out of the bloodstream and using it in cells.  As a result, levels of blood glucose stay excessively high, leading to serious complications over time.
The adrenals become depleted, leading to decreased Geopathic stress tolerance, progressive mental and physical exhaustion, illness and collapse.
As soon as the Geopathic Stress reaches the exhaustion point, it starts to effect the major organs and systems in the human body.  Damaged functions include the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, kidney, muscles, and joints, and more importantly the immune system.  Then individuals become more susceptible to infections, both minor and major.
Very often a person in middle age will think that this is a sign of premature aging, but examining the problem in more depth, it is likely the person has lived with Geopathic Stress for a long time. :(

A few years' overreaction to Geopathic Stress overloads the brain with powerful hormones that are intended only for short-term duty in emergency situations.  The cumulative effect is damage and death of brain cells.
Catecholamines suppress activity in areas at the front of the brain concerned with memory, concentration, inhibition, and  rational thought.
Stress hormones divert blood glucose from the brain, and energy to the hypothalamus is diminished.  The typical victim of long-term Geopathic Stress complains of the following:
Loss of concentration at work and at home,  learning problems,  inappropriate responses to major changes in life situations,  inability to sit for very long,  behavior problems,  aggression,  problems staying calm,  insecurity,  self-confidence problems,  panic attacks,  and emotional problems (anxieties,  depression,  and exhaustion).

Symptoms of the Fifth Stage of Geopathic Stress

  1. Diabetes
  2. Inability to heal
  3. Panic Attacks
  4. Difficulty concentrating
  5. Learning problems
  6. Behavior problems
  7. Aggression
  8. Memory problems
  9. Lack of interest in doing something
  10. Decision-making problems
  11. Inadequate responses to major changes in life situations
  12. ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder)
  13. Chronic Fatigue
The next and LAST stage is Stage the next Blog!...Have a wonder night!...
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