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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Questions you need to ask yourself?

Hey How are you all?
I hear its going to be 30deg next week...Fantastic..C'mon Summer.

There are a List of Questions you need to ask yourself to check if you are being affected by Geopathic Stress...and I'm going to give you a couple, then give you a Case Study to validate it.

Q. How do you Sleep? Do you toss and turn and move around alot, or do your children?
and do you wake up feeling tired and irritable?

Well these a the FIRST signs that you could be sleeping on  a Geopathic Zone!..

I checked our house when we moved in here, and moved things around as was needed...But my son, decided to move his bed, only half a metre.  And now I look back to the 6 months before he was diagnosed with Crohns disease, he was complaining that his bed was so uncomfortable, that he wasn't getting a very good night sleep, that he was waking with back ache, he was getting more and more irritable.
We just thought it was because he was finding it hard at Uni.  But no, now I know, that he was sleeping directly on a strong Geopathic Line, running right through his body. 
His body was being attacked every night he went to bed.  He had all the symptoms and I didn't see them. :(
I was brushing them off and thinking they were caused by other things, as I had checked his bed when we moved in, I dismissed the possibility, of Geopathic Stress. 
I just thought he was a grumpy 'Scorpio' and wasn't coping with his assignments.  How wrong was I! 
Sadly, this attacking of his system by this negative energy, coupled with the stress of Uni, he developed 'Crohns Disease', normally a hereditary disease. (but we have no one in our family with such a problem, except a distant cousin on the 'other' side)
Could this have been caused by Geopathic Stress...I don't know, but I do know, that he WAS sleeping for 18months in this position, and ALL the symptoms are typical symptoms of Geopathic Stress.
This is why it is so important to be aware where these lines are and avoid them where you sleep and anywhere else you spend alot of time.

SYMPTOMS to remember:

Difficulty falling Asleep
Disturbed Sleep
Frequent nightmares
Waking up tired
Exhausted during the Day
Chronic fatigue
Sudden irritability
Headaches in the morning
..other aches and pains in the morning
Noticing a change after moving..

Any of these a problem for you...please call me: Nicky +61401545539 or email

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